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We all know of a peer that may need a little financial assistance in order to continue with professional growth. Annually, ICEA budgets to award professional development scholarships to our members. ICEA members have received funding to attend statewide events, the ACCE Convention and the U.S. Chamber’s Institute to name a few. All paid staff members who are ICEA members are eligible to apply. ICEA expects local chambers to invest in staff and, in most cases, will not fully fund the cost of event participation. Repeat scholarship funding will not be granted to the same organization within an 18-month window.

Each year at the Annual Winter Conference, ICEA awards top honors to the best in the chamber industry through a variety of special individual awards. ICEA also awards ‘Communications Excellence’, special recognition to chambers in the areas of newsletters, e-newsletters, web sites, marketing materials, and best new programs.

The ICEA-AP and the ICEA-CP are designed to assess knowledge of the core chamber management areas. Individual applicants are evaluated on leadership, community involvement, commitment to the chamber profession and service to the state as a chamber professional. These designations demonstrate hard work and determination to make the local chamber, community and the overall profession stronger. Any ICEA member with 4+ years of professional experience may apply for the Certified Professional designation. This is a statewide designation to recognize the professional quality of chamber staff members. The CP designees are recognized at the annual Winter Conference & Awards Luncheon. The Accredited Executive designation is reserved for ICEA members who have served as a chamber exec for at least two years with a combined total of 5+ years of chamber experience and who have achieved the IOM designation. This is a statewide recognition presented at the annual Winter Conference & Awards Luncheon.

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